Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Back to the Box Show !

What’s now characterized as a ‘San Francisco Bay Area tradition”, the annual Box Show at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station, has been running for 23 (!) years. I believe Molly and I have participated in about the last 20 of those (maybe more).

Each year we receive a pine box of some shape or another (this year it came in disassembled pieces) to do with as we see fit. Most boxes go to individual artists. In our case, we work on them as a team. Some years they look more like Molly’s work, other years, more like mine.

Here’s what we did this time around:

I did sketches of an idea we talked about--U / Dys Topia

Drawn directly on the wood (like this one) or transferred from a rough sketch on paper. Then inked by me.                    

Painted by Molly.

Both the Dystopian 

and Utopian sides.

And the central Utopian panel

With the upper and lower Dystopian panels.

We assembled the pieces and screwed them together with metal plates on the reverse.

“U / Dys Topia” in the show.

The 2022 Box Show runs until August 20th.

You can see the show here:  2022 Box Show
or drop by Gallery Route One if you happen to be passing through Marin county.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

New Guy Colwell Exhibit

 If you happen to be anywhere near San Francisco. You can see Guy Colwell’s new show at 111 Minna Street.     Guy Colwell at 111 Minna Gallery  

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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Cartoon deja vu

Looks like we’ve been here before:

The caption reads: "Russia has already suffered several reverses, and it seemed as if she had created a monster that would eventually destroy her."

An editorial cartoon published in the January 1915 edition of Cartoons Magazine. (Artist unidentified).

Monday, June 20, 2022

The Larry and Molly Show pt. 2

 Here’s the second installment of the Larry and Molly Show. This time featuring --me.
In the olden days I drew cartoons for publications. I was involved in the Underground Comix scene but contributed to more ‘mainstream” publications as well. 
Over the years, I gravitated to printmaking (primarily linocuts) but have always maintained my affection and allegiance for my two favorite colors—black and white.
                                    “Nightmare’   White ink on black ink  1978
                                   (Digital print of original artwork)

West Room

                                      “Banjo at Armageddon” Linocut with ink wash               

"Feeling a Little Anxious"

           “Portrait of a Henry David Thoreauback”  Linocut with ink wash

"Civilization Ho!"

“Give Me That Old Time Religion"

“Land of Loose Ends”

               “The Misadventures of Psychedelic Mussolini, 2017”

                          Pen, India ink & wash

“Economic Stimulus” 

“Carbon Footprint"

The cover from my mini-comic. Pen and ink

The West Wall

(My nature niche)

“Extreme Still Life"

“A Mazed Minotaur” Two-color block print

“Zooming” Pen and Ink
“A Mazed Minotaur, Pt.1"
“Radio Poland aka R.U.R--Rippee’s Universal Robots"

East Wall: The Blues Series

“Jug Band"

“Pinetop Perkins"

“Louie Bluie Armstrong"

“Snooky Pryor and Harmonica Slim

“Jimmy Rogers"

“Yank Rachell”

“Blues Proverb”

“El Camaron”
from radio KWMR's Mexican Loteria Card Set
(Ink and watercolor)

“You Put a Pen Nib in a Bottle of Ink and Something Falls Out Onto the Paper                                        Pen and ink