Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Box Show Recap

Today is the last day of the Annual Box Show at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station. I went over to get a quick glimpse of the work (with about 150 artists involved I still hadn't taken in the entire show).  The last hours of the show transforms the silent auction into a live auction.  The show is a fundraiser for the gallery and overall a great deal of fun. I posted photos of a few of the artworks back in August.  Here are just a few more of my favorites.

"Temptation" by Donna Mckee

"Short Afternoon" by Inez Storer

"Searching for Water" by Ellen Gray

"Ranine Dreams" by Willem van Thillo

"Dream Residue" by John Lawson

The back side ofthe same piece.

"Germinative Practice" by Dorothy Nissen

"Post Apocalyptic Box Jockey" by Walter Liebscher

See our August 5th post for more on this year's Box Show --Larry

 You can always click on images to make them larger

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Larry's Cartoon Vault: Rollin Kirby

Here's a piece on the great Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Rollin Kirby. It's from the June 1940 edition of American Artist magazine.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Molly's Turn Take 2

This week's West Marin Citizen has an article written by Eileen Puppo about Larry and how he became who he is today!
I thought I'd post it here for you to read:

I am so pleased by this article!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Molly's Turn Again - Larry's portrait

 This painting is from one of my most favorite photos of Larry, taken many years ago when my daughter's mouse, Violet, was alive and well. She was a sweet mouse and Larry, goofing around one day, set her in his (then dark and long) beard - so of course I had to take a picture. I'll paint a more current version of Larry (with his now short and gray beard) soon but I always liked this photo so much and wanted to do a collaboration with Larry that would show his wacky images. With much cajoling he drew these wonderful wacky guys coming out of his head.
I painted the portrait this past June and we posted it here on our blog, but I never quite felt that it was right.  I finally realized that it needed a true color background, the oatmeal behind Larry's images was too similar to the background I had chosen for his portrait. I am so pleased now with the blue behind his crazy images. 

Larry, drawings from his imagination, and Violet the mouse

If your interested in my Beginning Acrylic Painting Portraits & Animals class taught at Riley Street Art Supply, San Rafael or in my home studio please feel free to contact me --Molly

Larry's Vault: Napkin Drawings Part III

Everyone is probably familiar with the drawing game—exquisite corpses—where each participant only sees the end line of the last artist’s part of a drawing and adds to it. Often the results are startling and occasionally truly ridiculous.  Sometimes surprisingly cohesive.

 Here are a few more napkins (see posts of Aug.15th ) from decades gone by, this time including a few drawing games.

This exquisite corpse was drawn in North Beach on a Vesuvio's Cafe napkin. 

(This one is signed by me and Kathy Nygren)

(Dalison worked on this one)

(This really looks like it was drawn by one person but I drew the face and feet)

This isn't really an exqisite corpse. Random sketches by David Rippee, Alan Cumings and me.


Just a few more napkin sketches

by Dalison
by Hugo
Hugo again
Dalison again

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Larry's Vault: Napkin Drawings Part II

Round two of my napkin art post.  This time it's a selection of napkins done by Hugo Scornik. Back when he did these napkins sketches in San Francisco, Hugo was an architect. Now he lives in the Canary Islands and is doing graphic art and exhibiting in galleries (see our blog post of March 24 of this year for more on Hugo).

Hugo’s napkin doodles are a lot of fun. You can see the concern with structure in all of his stuff. 

Larry's Vault: Napkin Drawings

In the olden days (circa 1970’s-early ‘80’s) when I lived in San Francisco, I squandered a fair amount of time in coffeehouses and bars with fellow Bohemian types and invariably our napkins would quickly become covered in images.

Napkins make for great drawing surfaces; the paper allows for a certain amount of ink ‘bleed’ and provides a nice toothy texture—and they are free.

In any case we did a lot of them, just as I suspect many artists (when not on their laptops and smartphones) do today. I’ve managed to hang on to some of the oldies which is the focus of todays ‘Vault'.

I’m surprised how many of these highly fragile artifacts have survived.

Not all are signed and my memory banks aren’t always helpful in this matter.

In some cases I’m making educated guesses to the artist’s identity.

Some likely suspects include cartoonists Melinda Gebbie, Marc Miyashiro, J. Michael Leonard, Kevin East, Hal Robbins, Norman Quebedeau …

I’ve declined to post a few of the rudest and crudest of the lot. (As funny as they maybe I feel a little uncomfortable posting them).

Hugo Scornik
Also by Dalison
Another by Hugo
Unknown sculptor
Drawing of me by painter, Ivan Kustura
Ana Becker
Another by Ana Becker
Nice one (by Norman Quebedeau? Marc Miyashiro?)
By my old chum Alan Cumings
Another by Dalison, obviously drawn in North Beach.
A nice one by a great unknown.

I believe this one is by cartoonist J. Michael Leonard.

I've not been able to positvely I.D. this one  (Hal Robbins?)

This is probably by my old pal, cartoonist/watecolorist Kevin Brady.

This is supposed to be me. I'm pretty sure this is by cartoonist Kevin East. It was probably done during a Bay Con which was held one year at the Jack Tar.

This is also a drawing of me done by Educomics founder Leonard Rifas (but this time with more hair).

(Not a clue)

Nice one (Maybe again by Marc Miyashiro?)

Nice horse by Dalison.

Another nice one by Dalison (note the use of coffeestain as a sepia wash).

More to come in the next post.