Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Gallery Route One 20th annual Box Show

Gallery Route One's 20th annual Box Show is well under way. Molly and I were out of state and missed the opening in August and finally just this week had a chance to see the current show.

The Box Show is a major fundraiser for Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station in west Marin county. The way it works is: Each artist is given an unadorned pine box. You can pretty much do anything to it as long as elements of the original the box remains in the piece (That definition can be stretched pretty far-- boxes on occasion have been ground to dust, burned to ash and and otherwise rendered unrecognizable in the process of making an art piece).

Here's what molly and I did this year:

I did some rough sketches

We decided to use a wooden artist mannequin 

And we made a balsa wood lid for the box

Molly did an incredible job sewing clothing for our guy

I designed tentacles for our hidden monster

The tentacles are painted and glued into the box

And the box is painted as well

Our mannequin is painted and glued to the top of the box

The piece is titled:

"Sometimes It's Better Not to Think Outside the Box"

You can view past Box Shows on this blog by typing in 'Box Show' in the Search box in the upper left corner of the page