Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Amazing Grace of John and Judy

I painted this sign for John Pedersen and Judy Kaufman's Amazing Grace music store in San Anselmo.
Amazing Grace will be moving soon to a new location, hopefully this year. Larry decided it would be a good idea to post these photos of me painting the sign and its placement in the store window.  Here you can see the plywood sheet with the shape of the sign painted in.

Here is the sign in the window.  You can see the reflections of the passing cars in the windows.  I think I will be reworking the lettering when Amazing Grace moves to its new location one building away.

Amazing Grace has been here at this location for over 30 years; my sign for 14+-years .

This sign is the first I ever painted and unfortunately I did not realize that there was sign paint created for lettering.  I used acrylic paint for the lettering which did not flow smoothly. 

The story of how the sign came to be involves a certain guitar. I was working in the store one day when I picked up this guitar and it would not leave my body.  I came home and talked about it with Larry and my mother and they both said I should try and get it. John and Judy are the kind of people who understand how important an instrument can be to someone. They came up with a creative solution of time and trade for me. I traded time in the store, my 1967 Martin guitar and the work creating the sign for the most wonderful guitar--a 1956 Martin 0018-- I could ever imagine. 

However, the irony of it all is that I painted one day straight for 13 hours on the lettering and injured my right hand.  I was unable to play my sweet guitar for 5 years and over the last 10 my hand has been slowly recovering.  I still have to decide which I want to do for any given day, paint, play my guitar or garden.  Even though the healing has been slow I am very grateful to have the use of my hand again.  Take heed everyone - don't over use your hand!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Striking a Blow for Creator's Rights:Or Larry and Sam Beat the Hell Out of Hardware Wars

Filmmaker Ernie Fosselius offered me a trade of a new  DVD of his classic Hardware Wars for video documentation of the destruction of the older unauthorized version (created without the approval or consent of Ernie Fosselius) which I owned.
Here are a few clips of my son, Sam, and I striking a blow for creator’s rights (I’ve left out many magic moments including those dealing  with power tools).