Friday, November 29, 2013

Larry's Vault: The School of Illustration, Chicago Pt. 2

To continue with Chicago's School of Illustration series here is the pamphlet on the study of Light and Shade from 1901 (again authored by Frank Holme).

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Larry's Vault: The School of Illustration, Chicago

For your edification. This edition of the Vault features pamphlet 4 of Practical Lessons in Newspaper Illustration from the Chicago School of Illustration published in 1899. This lesson, written by Frank Holme, focuses on perspective.

Here it is:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From Molly's Studio: Found in the Flat Files

While rooting around in Molly's studio looking for some other artwork I chanced upon these two old preliminary pieces done by her.  Both drawings were in preparation for paintings and are many years old now.

The one was for a portrait of me (which was ultimately completed). In this sketch I look a whole lot younger.

And ditto for my son Sam. This little boy shown here is now a young man.

I was pleasantly surprised by these two drawings and shows how much work Molly does in the process of completing a painting.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ed Ryden 1922-2013

Our Dear Friend Ed Ryden

 Ed died on Oct 23, 2013
He was born in Colorado Dec. 13,1922
Married Jean Halpert 1947
BFA in Colorado 1949
MFA at California College of Arts & Crafts (CCAC).
Ed and Jean became a part of the Potereo Hill Artist scene
in the 1960's when they built their home on Kansas st.
Ed and Jean moved to Israel in 1985 returning to the states
in 2002 when Jean's health began to deteriorate.
They settled in Santa Rosa near to The Annex, a printmakers gallery
where he has had his work shown for years.
Jean died in 2007.
Ed created a huge art studio where he taught printmaking,
exhibited his art in numerous shows around the Bay Area
and participated in the Open Studios of Santa Rosa.

Ed created wonderful sculptrues in wood
Most often these sculptures were political in nature
This one is about war and greed.

Ed was a Master Printmaker creating many wonderful works of art.
Here are a few examples of his woodcuts

This is a wood cut of the house Ed and his wife Jean Halpren built on Potereo Hill
It was demolished several years ago
Ed sent this holiday poem to my family (Bob is my father)

The house on the front
You may recognize-
What troubled me most was
The state of the skies-
I couldn't decide what
weather to show-
It's so confusing in
S.F., you know-
So that's why you see on
 one side the sun
and away to the right
 are clouds on the run

As for perils of building and
 all the rest
That's one thing, I'm sure, to which
Bob will attest-

Best wishes for pleasant Holidays-
Ed and Jean

Here we are at my mother's memorial in 2009
Steve Parun, a master printmaker as well,  is sitting in front of myself, Ed and Larry
Steve and Ed met at CCAC many years ago

Ed signs a loving memory of Mom

We will miss your bright smile Ed

To see more of Ed's work on-line check: