Tuesday, September 12, 2017

2017 Annual Box Show

Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station California is currently hosting its  annual Box Show.

The way it works is the gallery provides plain pine boxes to as many as 150 artists to do creatively as they please with (as long is the box remains in the final piece in some form).

The show functions as a fundraiser for the Gallery.

Molly and I always brainstorm and create the boxes together. Sometimes they look more like Molly's painterly work, sometimes they look more like my graphic, cartoony approach and sometimes the look like a head-on collision between the two.

This year molly did a lot of "conceptualizing" (i.e. telling me what to do). The art is derived from ink drawings by me.

I did this drawing many years ago in a sketchbook. 

I copied and flipped it.

Molly suggested I draw an additional gator-ballerina for the sides of the box.

I cut the art out, Molly applied the pieces with gel medium.

We decided we liked the pine wood surface.  Usually Molly colorfully paints our boxes but this time we went for black white and tan.

 Our piece in the annual Box Show: "Gator Love by the Light of the Silvery Moon"

The show went up August 11 and concludes on September 24th.

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