Thursday, March 10, 2011

Molly's turn: A Wonderful Mother and Artist Remembered, Virginia Irvin

Gini working on bust of her sister Barbara
from sketchbook early 1950's
rough for color drawing using Gini's children Christie and Jamie
color drawing completed
San Francisco looking towards Coit Tower
Gini Working at The Seattle Times
Golden Gate Fields for the S.F. Examiner
This work done on commission for a Doctor's office
one of many drawings of models for the newspapers
Looking across S.F. towards the bay
Gini modeling for a Lily Co.
Home on Potereo Hill
drawing herself
Gini loved to use Japanese Ink Stick
Here again the Japanese Ink Stick
Pensive Virginia
Bolinas, California
daughter Molly, age 16, playing guitar
This sheep is from a small sketchbook
Virginia's surprise 70th Birthday Party in Fairfax
Gini was an avid life drawing participant
these are just a few examples of her many many beautiful nudes
Virginia at her home in Fairfax     circa 2000
The month of March marks the 2nd anniversary of my Mother's death.  She was a huge influence in my life and I know she had many friends who felt the richer for knowing her.  She was born to artists, so it was natural and very comfortable for her to draw, she drew like we breath.  She was never without a sketch book throughout her active life and loved to record everything going on around her.  She was so adept at the quick sketch that many newspaper (San Francisco Examiner, Seattle Times, Portland Oregonian) hired  her as their "artist on the spot".  These are some of my favorite drawings by her as well as some photos which capture her lovely, serene self.  From these photos you would never know what a wacky sense of humor she had- but she did!  I miss my best friend.