Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Alternative Press Expo

I attended the Alternative Press Expo (aka Ape) last weekend on Oct.13th and 14th in San Francisco.
 It’s always a jolt to the system to see so many young artists, creative projects, new directions --and occasionally old friends and colleagues.
This year I attended a lot of the quality panel talks featuring Jim Woodring, Eric Drooker, Ben Katchor, Stan Mack, Miriam Libicki,  Los Hernandez Bros. (Jaime, Gilbert Mario Hernandez) and Sergio Arragones.

Jim Woodring

A sample of Woodring's artwork

Ben Katchor

From his book The Jew of New York

Other talented folks on hand included Shannon Wheeler, Carol Lay, Josh Ellingson, Jim Blanchard, J.R. Williams and  hordes of young, remarkably talented hopefuls.

Josh Ellingson business card

New graphic novel on the Carter Family

Chris Kawagiwa


Brie Spiel 

Helen America

Old home week for me was running into Al Gordon, Steve Leialoha, Trina Robbins, Paul Mavrides, Lee Binswanger and even Larry Gilmour (see Pressing Matters, October 10th  post on this blog).

I was especially pleased to run into Norman Dog (known to some as Raymond Larrett) who I haven’t laid eyes on in, well, decades.  Norman Dog is a great cartoonist by my reckoning and now engaged in a publishing venture—Puzzled Squirrel.   Here is a sampling from his book

Puzzled Squirrel has also published a compilation of the work of Lee Binswanger (Congratulations to Lee !)

 Remember: you can always click on the images to make them larger.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3rd Annual Pressing Matters: Printmaker's Show

We just had the reception for the 3rd Annual Pressing Matters: Printmaker's Group Show at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center. Of all the shows I curate or organize at the Center this is my personal  favorite.

Here's a few shots from the exhibit:

Fine printmakers Fred L.Berensmeier, Zachary Gilmour and Katya McCulloch

Collograph by Fred L.Berensmeier

Katya McCulloch

The San Quentin Blockprinters created this work with printmaking instructor Katya McCulloch.

Artist are: Adam Barboza, Khalifah Christensen, Gary Harrell, Rolf Kissmann, Felix Lucero, Brendan Murdock, Mary Stanley, Andre Nelson, Steven Smith,Wesley Geno Washington and Andrew Vance.
(Printmaker Art Hazelwood also assited on this print).

Elan Kamesar

Display table of printmaking techniques

  by Artemio Rodriguez ( print from my collection)

Jackie Kirk

Linoleum blocks cut by Susan Shannon

Drypoint by Lawrence Gilmour

Woodcut by Al Ardelle

Printmakers include: Al Ardelle, Fred L.Berensmeier, Geoff Bernstein, Lawrence Gilmour, Zachary Gilmour, Jenny Hunter Groat, Daryl Grossman, Elan Kamesar, Jackie Kirk, Lanee Lowell, Katya McCulloch, Barbara Morris, Steve Parun, Larry Rippee, Artemio Rodriguez, Gabrielle Schwibach, Janice Van Hoy Scott, Susan Shannon, Paulina Suarez and the San Quentin Blockprinters.

Special thanks to Molly for helping me hang the show.

The show runs until the end of October.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Virginia Irvin would be 95 today!

Making art in her studio


Abstract Woman by V.I.

Sheep by V.I.

life drawing by V.I.

Mozart! by V.I.

Mom would have been 95 years old today
Miss you Mom
love Molly

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Closing of the 14th Annual Box Show

The 14th Annual Box Show concluded last weekend. A great show with a live auction the last day of the exhibit. Here are a few pieces  from the show:

A box tree

The live auction

Our box (see August 26th post)

Toni Littlejohn conducting the live auction

The Box Show is a fundraiser for Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station