Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marin County Fair exhibit

Yeah, we know it’s redundant but we don’t get that many opportunities to toot our own horn.
Here are our two current offering now showing at the Marin County Fair juried art exhibit.

Larry's piece in lower right corner 

                     There's about 800 artists in the exhibit.

                     It runs from June 30 to July 4th.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Larry's Cartoon Vault: The Three Stooges

Recently I saw the new Three Stooges movie with my grandson. The Stooges were new to him to be sure but like most of my generation I grew up on The Stooges. Stunning to think of the daily dose of Stoogedom available on daytime TV in my youth --none of which Moe, Larry or Curly were ever paid for (not to mention Shemp Howard, Joe Besser or Curly Joe).
A couple of days ago I stumbled across the above illustration of The Stooges that I drew back in 1979 when I was freelancing cartoons.
The drawing was for some forgotten project—a Three Stooges book or magazine—I forget which.
I forget who was putting it together. All I remember is that it didn’t happen.  The project, like so many projects, died an early death.
The drawing was later published elsewhere—probably in conjunction which a magazine article. ( I no longer have a copy of that magazine either).

Friday, June 8, 2012

Spring Art Show Wrap Up

The 22nd annual Spring Art Show is history.
Here are a few residual images from the exhibit:

Hanging an art show is serious business.
Donn, Molly, Jack and Leonard

Jack and Donn confer on aesthetics.

A few more shots of the Show:

The Valley Room

Work by Sam Andrew and Brian Staley

Eileen Puppo

Chris Ducey
The 'Abstract Wall' -West Room 

West Room

The print corner—my block print and Bea Benjamin’s fine etching.

End of show eclipsed by an eclipse:
The last Sunday of the show-when everyone came to retrieve their artwork- was the day of the solar eclipse. Artists gathered outside. Michel Kotski brought a filtered telescope for viewing and sculptor Jack Kamesar brought his welding masks. The entire Community Center parking lot was littered with crescent moons everywhere.

(Check out the crescent shadows created by the eclipse on the wall in the photo below)

(Photo by Donn DeAngelo)

Nice way to end an event.