Monday, March 19, 2012

Larry's Vault: More From the Pages of Graphiti

Last post focused on the long-gone graphic artists group, Artists in Print, and the AIP tabloid Graphiti.

Here's a report from the pages of Graphiti titled "Attention: Perspiring Cartoonists" (May 1979) on a AIP sponsored cartoonists seminar.

drawn by David Nesbitt

The featured guests were Sergio Aragones, Phil Frank, Harry Driggs, B.Kliban and William Hamilton.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Larry's Vault: Artists in Print of San Francisco

Artists in Print, the San Francisco Graphics Artists Guild was a non-profit organization of and for graphic artists in the San Francisco bay area. AIP was founded around 1975 and provided workshops, seminars, educational events, exhibits and a much needed communication network between local graphic artists.
The membership roster included designers, photographers, calligraphers, illustrators (medical  illustrators, fashion illustrators), copy writers and cartoonists – in addition to typesetters, paste-up artists, layout artists and probably a whole lot of others occupations that are now extinct
I was a member in the mid 70’s-early‘80’s and thought AIP served its member well as an educational program.

Meeting topics included Elimination of Advertising, A Defense of Advertising, Selling Your Graphic Humor, Fear and Creativity, Illustrating the Children’s Book and Artwork by Computer (in the late 1970’s not too many people knew what that meant). Featured artists and speakers (at events and in the pages of Graphiti ) included  Ardeshir Mohasses, Primo Angelli, Dugald Stermer, Jerry Mander, Leslie Cabarga and Milton Glaser.
Art by Tim Boxell

Art by Phil Frank

Art by Lourdes Agnes Duterte

Art by Erkki Alanen

AIP is long gone. I left San Francisco in the mid-80’s and lost track of the guild. I have no idea what happened to it.  
Graphiti, the AIP tabloid, was published bi-monthly and highlighted a lot of nice work.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Here are few examples of AIP members work from Graphiti (and the AIP Directory).

Art by Bruce McGillivray

Promo by my old pal, Alan Cumings

Erkki Alanen, a very talented artist originally from Finland

Steve Leialoha's great piece for a portfolio night

Art by Leialoha

Here's a couple of things I did for Graphiti :

One issue of Graphiti was dedicated to hand lettering. Here are profiles on Leslie Cabarga, Becky Wilson and Tom Orzechowski :

Fine calligraphy by Jenny Hunter Groat

Art by John Patrick Sullivan

All artwork copyright by respective artists