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A 2015 Recap of Gallery Shows from the San Geronimo Valley Community Center

Here’s a recap of some of the art shows I organized this last year in the Maurice Del Mue Galleries at the San Geronimo Valley Center (Below is a slightly edited version of a piece I wrote for Stone Soup, the SGVCC newspaper).

In my time spent as the Center’s Visual Arts Coordinator, organizing and hosting our monthly art exhibits, I can’t think of a year more gratifying and personally enriching than this one.
I’ve had the chance to work with some truly fine fine artists and the opportunity to offer the community some exciting shows

Here is a brief, incomplete survey:
This last October we hosted a memorial art exhibit for the master artist and Lagunitas resident, Art Holman.

Over his long career, Holman exhibited at the Whitney Museum, the Smithsonian, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as well Stanford University, Legion of Honor, Oakland Museum, diRosa Art Preserve, Mills College, Des Moines Art Center, Eureka College, Illinois and the De Young Museum.The show was a mere glimpse of a 50 + year dedication to art. Art Holman’s work most likely will not be seen (especially in a solo exhibit) for some time to come.

In April we presented the work of Zhaohui Liu and Song Feng Liu--two brothers with prestigious art careers steeped in two diverse artistic traditions.

Zhaohui's work looked like the paintings of an old European master but the Lagunitas resident was born in Ningxia, China in 1963. Before coming to the United States, Zhaohui exhibited at the Beijing National Gallery. In the US, he studied at the National Academy and exhibited at the Dahesh Museum before coming to Marin.

His brother, Song Feng, visiting last spring from Ningxia, has a very long resume of art associations and awards including the "Ministry of Culture Bronze Award" and “Outstanding Chinese Artists Exhibition Gold Medal”. His playful work has a contemporary take on traditional forms of Chinese artwork.  Song Feng brought his work over from China specifically for this family exhibit.

Moonalice performing at the International Day of Peace Festival

Festival host Wavy Gravy

Last September the Center took part in The United Nations’ International Day of Peace by celebrating with an all day festival to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace.

                                       Art by Helen Webber, Sam Parry and Donn DeAngelo

In conjunction with the Center’s International Day of Peace Festival we presented a group art exhibit -- What Does Peace Look Like? --showcasing works by local artists on the subject of “peace”-- tolerance, respect, compassion, reconciliation, justice, equity, communication, equality, kindness; peace-building activities, creating food and shelter and inner peace.

                                       Helen Strang

                                       Donn  DeAngelo

Artists included Alexandra Adu, Jeffrey Beauchamp, Veronica Buros Kleinberg, Donn DeAngelo, Gaetano De Felice, Art Holman, Michel Kotski, Laura Kradjan Cronin, Dahlia Kamesar, Richard & Judith Selby Lang, Alejandro Lopez, Anne McClain, Sam Parry, Molly Rea, Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli, Helen Strang, Tot Tatarsky, JeanA Warner, me and Helen Webber.

                                       Ernesto Hernandez Olmos

In June the Latino Photo Project & Canal Welcome Center art shows were held in conjunction with the Latino Arts Festival. A special highlight of the exhibit were the extraordinary murals of Ernesto Hernandez Olmos.
                                       Bea Benjamin

Just last November we celebrated Pressing Matters VI: Printmakers Group Show. The 6th annual event featured the etchings, woodcuts, linocuts, silkscreen and monotypes of over 20 print artists including Bea Benjamin, Fred L. Berensmeier, Geoff Bernstein, Martha Cederstrom, Diane Cokely, Danielle Fogel, David Getz, Art Hazelwood, Elan Kamesar, Veronica Buros Kleinberg, Sophie Larsen, Katya McCulloch, Cindy Miracle, Elaine Nehm, Larry Rippee, Gabriele Schwibach, Susan Shannon, Connie Smith Siegel, Sam Vaughn, Xander Weaver-Scull and Melissa West.

Other remarkable shows included The Third Annual Photographers Group Show

                                       Two photos by Michel Kotski

Gaetano De Felice

Matt Tasley

and Elan Kamesar.

The Valley has the special distinction of possessing a local, primarily community focused, gallery in its own neighborhood.

I urge anyone who may make their way to the San Geronimo Valley, west Marin county
to take advantage of this remarkable resource and drop by for a gander.

(For more about the 2015 gallery shows see this blogs archives)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Marcus Uzilevsky 1937-2015

Another passing. Marcus Uzilevsky (aka Rusty Evans) was a remarkable figure.

He was a musician as and visual artist and had a fair degree of success in both endeavors.

As a successful artist he sold a great many (around a half-million) of his "linear landscapes" through galleries; as Rusty Evans he's listed in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Marcus graduated from the New York School of Art and Design. As a musician he cut his first Rusty Evans singles around 1958. In the early '60's he wound up in Greenwich Village playing in clubs with the likes of Bob Dylan. Later he joined the folk group The New Christy Minstrels and recorded solo on the Folkways label.

Still later he went proto-psychedelic. Or so I'm told.  I only became acquainted with his work years later. I knew new him musically in latter years by way of his Johnny Cash-inspired band Ring of Fire (and his hyper-talented son, Danny Uzilevsky).

"Defectors" an affiche art by Marcus Uzivelsky

As an artist in the community, he participated in a number of art exhibits I put together through the San Geronimo Valley Community Center and we hosted a solo show by him.

Michel Kotski put together this nice video tribute to Marcus.  Thanks Michel.

"Defectors" copyright by Marcus Uzilevsky

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pressing Matters postscript

I did linocut print for the show as well-- "Give me that old time religion".
A commentary on the use of various religious beliefs to justify violence—a game everybody gets to play…

Here are a few thumbnail sketches from my pocket sketchbook

I flipped the drawing to transfer to the linoleum block

                                                        The cut block

copyright 2015 RL Rippee

Friday, November 27, 2015

Pressing Matters VI

Another glimpse at the 6th annual printmakers exhibit: Pressing Matters:

Here's another shot of Melissa West's block print "La Penitente". It's printed on fabric.

Another piece by Art Hazelwood, "Security" a screenprint.

"Madonna and Dog" a monotype/mixed media by Veronica Buros Kleinberg

 Another nice intaglio one by Bea Benjamin--"Baobabs".

 Geoff Bernstein's  aquatint " Afghan Musicians"

"Italy 2015" drypoint etching by Martha Cederstrom

Another delightful, edgy stone lithograph,"Desolation Angel 2" by Sam Vaughn

Diane Cokely's linocut:  "Somalia, Ethiopia, Libya, Syria, Sudan?"

Two aquatint etchings by Connie Smith Siegel

 Connie's self portrait. A woodcut she did in 1961!

One of Elan Kamesar's prints from the show. Also a woodcut.

From the reception: me with Dahlia Kamesar and Connie Smith Siegel.

Check out the previous post for more on the show. You can also see previous Pressing Matters exhibits by checking the archives of this blog.

"String Theory meets Big Bear Teaching Story".  A collograph by Fred Berensmeier

Here a couple of youtube links to more work by Pressing Matters printmaker Fred Berensmeier


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pressing Matters VI: Printmakers Group Show

This November we hosted the 6th Annual printmakers show at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center--probably my favorite reoccurring art show of the year.

"Man with Hat",  Intaglio by Bea Benjamin
As usual the show highlights local print artist’s etchings, woodcuts, linocuts, lithographs, screen prints and monotypes.

This year’s featured artists include Bea Benjamin, Fred L. Berensmeier, Geoff Bernstein, Martha Cederstrom, Diane Cokely, Danielle Fogel, David Getz, Art Hazelwood, Elan Kamesar, Veronica Buros Kleinberg, Sophie Larsen, Katya McCulloch, Cindy Miracle, Elaine Nehm, Larry Rippee, Gabriele Schwibach, Susan Shannon, Connie Smith Siegel, Sam Vaughn, Xander Weaver-Scull and Melissa West.

Here are a few examples:

"Phillip Petit, World Trade Center 1974", Intaglio on cardboard plate also by Bea Benjamin
A knock out piece by Melissa West:
"La Penitente", a linoleum block print on fabric.

"Corn Goddess/Corn Demon", woodcut by Art Hazelwood

"Two Cages" scratch-foam, pencil, rice paper, plexi  by Danielle Fogel.

“Brown Pelican (Endangered Species Now Recovered)” by Xander Weaver-Scull

For this print Xander made his own ink out of soil, water and maple syrup.
The print itself is a stencil using watercolor.

"The Border Wall Divides All Life" a screenprint by Art Hazelwood

"The Golden Book of Art", 4-Color linocut reduction by Katya McCulloch

“Songbirds of Iraq”, 12-color, 2-block linocut reduction by Katya  McCulloch

Both of these incredibly complex prints are part of the "Absence & Presence” project, an international touring printmaking response to the bombing of Al-Mutannabbi Street.

"Star Shaman and Raven Dream the First Signature of the Human Being"
a linocut by Fred Berensmeier

"Colorado II" a screenprint by Dave Getz

"Colorado III- Shooter's Bible" also by artist /musician Dave Getz

"Stripes for Pompeii" a monoprint using solar plate and Chine Colle by Cindy Miracle.

"Santa Maria Novella" monoprint (with image on plate) by Cindy Miracle.

"Silver and Black" monoprint (using encaustic medium on plate)
also by Cindy Miracle.

"Bubba" an etching by Sophie Larsen

"Desolation Angel 2", a great stone lithograph by Sam Vaughn.

"Limbus Infantium 1" a hand toned stone lithograph also by Sam Vaughn.

Wonderful stuff. Great variety.
This really is only a portion of the exhibit. Hopefully I'll have a chance to put up more images from the show soon.