Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!!

                     Merry Christmas to You All!!           

                        Wishing you much good cheer for the holidays,    
             Larry, Molly, Sam, Kaden, Ryland, Haley and Askia    

About the art:
My mother, Virginia Irvin, made many christmas ornaments in her lifetime.  Some of the best ones were made when she and my brother and sister were living in San Francisco in the early 1950's. In spite of any hard times she found herself in, she always had a light within and knew how to create good cheer for those around her. I feel very lucky to have some of these ornatments still, I hang them with great fondness every christmas.

"Larry's Dream" Recreated by Mot

Earlier this year I created this lino block print titled Larry’s Dream (see this blogs archives for June 5 for details).

I just received a very stunning and very pleasing gift—a wooden sculpture interpretation of Larry’s Dream from an artist friend who goes by the name of Mot.

Mot is a Marin based painter, muralist, designer, cartoonist and toy-maker.

Originally from southern California he began studying art at the age of six attending drawing classes at the Los Angeles County Museum. He’s designed posters for the Animal Liberation Orchestra, The Fairfax Festival, Music on the Bay and Wavy Gravy’s Summer of Love Revival.  

Mot has painted a number of murals in southern California and his work is beginning to appear on walls throughout Marin County.

And it’s a bobble head to boot!

Much thanks to Mot.
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