Friday, September 30, 2011

One Plastic Beach

The above Spring Art Show postcard--with its image created from recycled plastic-- is the work of Richard and Judith Selby Lang, local Marin county artists.  
Aside from running Electric Works Gallery in San Francisco, the Langs produce a wide range of art.
Their most remarkable endeavor is an ongoing project of turning plastic debris culled from a nearby beach into works of art.
To learn more check out this video “One Plastic Beach” :

Sunday, September 25, 2011

On Saturday I attended the 8th annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival in San Francisco.A truly festive, public approach to printmaking.  A three ton steamroller is driven over large three foot square carved and inked linoleum blocks.  The prints are a knockout.

If you would like to see how it’s done here’s a link:

Some very fine printmakers participated including Rik Olsen, Rigel Stuhmiller and Nora Aoyagi.
Other events at Roadworks included letterpress and bookmaking demonstrations, live music and vendors.
I purchased this print by a talented artist, Daniel Gonzalez.
Check out his other work here:

The event is hosted by the San Francisco Center for the Book.

The above image copyright by Daniel Gonzalez

Monday, September 12, 2011

Molly's Turn: Recent Works/ Works in Progress

I recently painted a very dear friend's cat, Rosie, who died in a most unexpected way.  One day she was fine and the next she was dead of a brain tumor.  Rosie was very young.  My friend Anna was devastated at losing her.  I felt compelled to make a remembrance of this much loved cat for Anna, I never know how to help with the pain of losing someone.


This painting below is a work in progress based on my awareness of what the diamond industries have been doing over the last couple of century's.  It seems so bizarre that people can enslave others for their own greed.  It seems to be a constant theme throughout time, but for some reason this image came to my mind. (I have had a hard time painting the diamond and am still looking at and attempting to figure out how to paint it. I think I just don't like diamonds).  

Diamond Mine
(a work in progress)

I am also working on a painting about the elephant slaughter for ivory.  It seems I have a need to respond to the injustices that I find through my painting.  A slow process for me.  I am always surprised at how ideas percolate and take time before they morph into a true painting for me.  The elephant painting is taking a year +, while the diamond painting above seems to have just popped out. --Granted I am still having trouble with the diamond.