Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pressing Matters: Printmakers Group Show

Here's a shot of my office rapidly filling up with artwork.

Coming next week: The 3rd annual Pressing Matters: Printmakers Group Show at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roadworks at the Center for the Book

We attended the 9th Annual Roadworks: A Steamroller Printing Festival in San Francisco this last weekend.

Printmakers cut large -3 foot square- block prints which are pressed by a three ton steamroller. It's a fundraiser for the Center for the Book and takes place on the street just outside the Center.

Featured printmakers this year included Rik Olsen, Favianna Rodriguez, Mike Kimball, Caitlin Mattisson, and Anna Branning.

Here's the process:

This block was cut by Rik Olsen

Setting it up for printing

Pulling the print

Hanging the prints inside the Center

Prints by Rik Olsen and Favianna Rodriguez

In addition there was an exhibit of Rik Olsen's work at the Center for the Book.


 A handful of printmakers were selling there works at the event as well.

These two are by Paulina Suarez:

Pan Dulce

Grito de Guerra

For more information check out: SFCB.Org

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amazing Grace Guitar Book Project

Molly here ~

Our good friends John Pedersen and Judy Kaufman have moved their music shop, Amazing Grace, into its new home right down the street from its former location. When the bull dozers arrived to raze the old building there was champagne and tears to be had. Unfortunately we weren't there!! - but I know we would have cried as I get teary eyed just driving by and not seeing the old funky building.

So now that John and Judy are happily ensconced in their new abode they decided to have a summer party.  As J and J do, they sent out the word in mass and everyone that can comes to have a grand old time.

Their "old pal" (as John would say) Sidne, who lives in Nevada with her man Mike, had a brain storm of an idea for a shop warming present.  A while ago she had received from John an old guitar which had been damaged beyond repair, to do with as she wished, and she came up with a great idea!  She contacted me by email to ask if I could get ahold of as many artist friends of J and J's as possible to see if they would like to participate in the creation of a guitar book. Her idea was to use the body of the guitar as the holder/case for a series of pages created by friends of J and J.  I put the word out and we got some great art!

Here are photos of the Guitar Project:

The case for the Guitar Project

Through the guitar hole
Sidne Teske lifting the book out of the case
with Oletha Norris, Greg Snyder and Scott Barrett looking on.
(Greg Snyder also contributed a page to this book but we don't
have any images of his art piece, keep looking, hopefully I will
be able to get one and post it here!)

Judy and John sitting in their new shop
holding the case as they gaze at the book

Art work by Sidne Teske
Sidne did several beautiful front pages
Some with whimsical cartoon characters
and some beautiful images of instruments

Title Page by Sidne Teske
(Molly Rea, Jeanne Carlson and Blake Herod's name mis-spelled-
to be corrected at some future date)
William T. Wiley's page

Blake Herod's page

Close up of William T. Wiley page
Wiley's poem reads:
Amazing Grace
The humanoids amazing unto me
was once was lost in the void
but now we're self-employed
so......John and Judy
saved their bootie
and moved on up the road
Buster here- Mary Hull
with lots of love
 for your new abode
We think the world of view

Chuck Wiley

Chuck Wiley

Larry Rippee

Scott Barrett
(The people depicted on this page are all a part of
our Thursday night music group)

Scott Barrett
(The old Amazing Grace store)

Oletha Norris

Richard Shaw
"Is this like a musician's block?  ---Duh!!"

Richard Shaw

Martha Shaw
"A Scrap of Silk - A Patch of Green"
by Marty Shoe (aka Martha Shaw)

Martha Shaw
Jeanne Carlson
(birds based on photo by Bud Hendrik)

Jeanne Carlson
(bird based on photo by Bud Hendrik)

Bill Shelley

Bill Shelley

Blake Herod

Blake Herod

Molly Rea

Molly Rea

Close up of Judy and John by Molly Rea

Click on images to make larger

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Larry's Cartoon Vault: Lost and Found Dept.

One of the advantages of cleaning up my studio is I keep finding more ancient fodder for the Lost and Found Dept.
As with previous posts (see July 10th and June 19th), I’m featuring work done by me (a few decades ago) when I was active as a cartoonist/illustrator.  Again, as with the last post the work is previously unpublished.

This time three drawings done for a long forgotten music publication.

All of these drawings were done in 1982.  I drew a lot of skeletons and robots at that time.

Here’s another piece from the same period but clearly not done for the aforementioned unknown music  magazine.

All drawings copyright by Larry Rippee 2012