Monday, October 30, 2017

Larry's Cartoon Vault: Happy Halloween

By happy coincidence I just stumbled upon two very old drawings I did appropriate to Halloween.

If memory serves, (and sometimes it does) I did these as illustrations for a film fan magazine that went under before the work could be published. They're from circa the mid 1970's.


Michael T. Gilbert sent me this fun and monstrous link:

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Celebrating 100 Years, Virginia Irvin, born October 9th, 1917.

Celebrating 100 Years Of  Love with my mother Virginia Irvin!!!

From the beginning

Here she is having just arrived in Brooklyn New York.
With her father and mother on Fire Island
Mom Dorothy and Virginia
Dad Rea and Virginia
She loved her visits to Fire Island
Hiding in the grass
Virginia with her sister Barbara
Virginia sculpts a beautiful bust of Barbara
A family affair
With her children Christie and Jamie
Being a freelance artist meant everything to Virginia
New addition to the family, baby Molly with her big sister Christie and big brother Jamie
Here they are all grown up (almost)
Thinking about things
Funny Mom
A wonderful surprise 70t birthday party
Hitting 80's in stride
Today Virginia Irvin, my mother, would have been 100 years old! It is always an awe-inspiring realization to understand how fleeting we are with our time in this world. What little impact we have on the world at large and yet how long we carry our loved ones in our hearts and minds, each generation making space for someone new for their time on this planet. 

My mother was so important to me. I credit her with teaching me strength through adversity and the belief that we must always move forward, move on, in as caring a way as possible.

I am so glad my children had her in their lives, in speaking with them they tell me what an important figure she was to them. They have memories of her which are not mine.

I am so glad my grandson had a chance to know her too. He does not remember her as he was just 4 at the time of her death. But what was so amazing to me was how important he was to her.  She would light up when he visited, her attention would be riveted on him. My guess was that she was looking at her lineage moving down through time.

We have lost many people this year, I am sending my thoughts and prayers to all those whom I have loved and moved on. As silly as it seems I like to believe that their core essence is hanging out together and enjoying their affection in a more unworldly way. 

Hopefully I can join them all someday in the FAR future :-)

Mom with me

                             Here are some samples of her exquisite work, 
                           she was a master with line drawing. 


Christie and Jamie on Hyde Street, S.F.

My father Bob Hagopian

Our home on Spencer Street, Sausalito

At the Race Track for the S.F. Examiner

A comic strip which never got off the ground
Mom in her bedroom on Wisconsin st.

Virginia's mother Dorothy, La Grange, St. Croix
Chicken in our backyard, Cyprus
Molly in the kitchen 
Molly, Cocoa and guitar

San Francisco, early 1950's
                          Happy 100th Birthday to Virginia Irvin, Mom, 
                        Grandmother and Great Grandmother

                      All images and photos are copyrighted and the property of the Molly Rea Trust. No copying permitted.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Late Summer Art Review

A lot of water under the bridge these last many weeks. I’ve missed posting a couple of worthy art shows. To make up for that a bit here is a quick little survey.

In September at the Maurice Del Mue Galleries, San Geronimo valley Community Center, I hosted an interesting exhibit by John Torrey.

Many of his pieces were from travels in North Africa and the Middle East.


Last post, we highlighted our contribution to the Gallery Route One annual Box Show in Pt. Reyes Station. The Box Show ran from August 11 to September 24th.

Jaime Crespo's ode to Posada

Here are just a few of the other 150 pieces.

                               Eric Jackson "Teatro Popavero"

I regret I seem to have lost the name of the artist of this charming piece

                   "Spirit Matters" by Mary Isham

                       "Evening Stroll in the Woods" by Maya Souss and Karen Krieler

Jim And Sarah Lerer "Thanks for All the Fish"

         "Baylands" by Wendy Schwartz

   David Benoit "Lying Heart"

 Denise Bondy's "No Deception"

                            David & Kathleen Glaubinger "Just Married"

                     "What Old Blues Eyes Ate" by Kathy Callaway And Sean Sullivan

                              "Imagine...Outside the Box"  by Bruce Burtch

"Dreaming of a Better World" by Shelley Rugg

One of my favorites: "Can't Build a Better Even with Her Stuff" by Nick Corcoran


And lastly...

The town of Fairfax in Marin county launched a new monthly Art Walk. 
My best-in-show vote went to the inspiring art journals of Michael S. Scherotter. 

His display table set up in a tattoo parlor.

Some of his sketches from his journals

You can check out his more of his great work at his website: