Friday, May 31, 2013

Larry's Vault: The Annual of the Society of Illustrators 1911

Here are just a few examples.  What an incredible era.

Franklin Booth

Daniel Carter Beard

Portrait of Charles Dana Gibson by James Montgomery Flagg

Harrison Cady

Art Young
F. Luis Mora
Frederick Remington
Charles B. Falls
A.I. Keller
Wallace Morgan
C.F. Peters

John F. McCutcheon

Walter J. Enright

Charles Dana Gibson
Rudolph  F. Schabelitz
T.S. Sullivant
Frederick Burr Opper

Earl Horter
J. Scott Williams
Frank B. Masters
Boardman Robinson
Louis Fancher
Lejaren Hiller

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring Art Show Postscript

The 23rd Annual Spring Art Show held at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center is over.

Here are just a few more parting shots.

Brian Staley's wonderfully strange piece

I really admired this piece by Eric Jackson

Laura Kradjan-Cronin's pickup truck
Fred Berensmeier: A fine printmaker
The West Room (Molly's "Bumper Cars of Life" in the center)

Also in the West Room: Sculpture by Cornelia Nevitt, Tot Tatarsky's beautiful tile work and my blockprint parody.
"Can You Hear Me Now?
(with extreme apologies to ol' Eddie Munch)

Friday, May 24, 2013

The 23rd Annual Spring Art Show

Getting ready to hang

Early view before the crowds
The reception

Griffe, Tom and Jack
Chuck, Johanna and Marty
Jack and Dahlia
Gaetano DeFelice
Lanee Lowell
Fred  Berensmeier
Janice Van Hoy Scott
Jack Gescheidt
Jay Kriegler
Brian Staley
Tom Fetherston
Johanna Herrera
Them Thursday Nighters 

Scott, Brent and Nanette

Molly's and Larry's Birthday cake

Portrait shots courtesy of Donn DeAngelo
Additional photography courtesy of Michel Kotski