Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Wrap Up: Art in the Maurice Del Mue Galleries

As the Visual Arts Coordinator of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center I organize usually two solo exhibits or one group show every month.

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been remiss on posting any of the exhibits from the last few months.

Here’s a sort of quick sampling of some of the work that passed through the doors this last spring.

Harry Cohen and Friends:

Photo copyright Bruce Brown
Ninety-two year old Abstract Expressionist, Harry Cohen, got together with a few of his talented friends for this February show.

I recommend having a ventriloquist in attendance at all art openings.

Artists participating in this show included Michael Killen, Jo Killen, Skip Henderson, Beth Pewter, Leonard Breger, Brian Carter, Peter Strindberg, Odis Schmidt, Bruce Burtch, Fred Holle, Karen Worth, Jack Kamesar and Lars Johnson.

Impressive large piece by the late Leonard Breger.

 Two works by painter Michael Killen.

And Geoff Bernstein

Beautifully crafted work by Odis Schmidt

And of course Harry....

                                               In March we hosted "Working at Home"
                                         -works by Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang

Photo courtesy of Donn DeAngelo

"Goof Ball" by Richard Lang

                             "Sheena Queen of the Jungle" by Richard Lang

                                     Judith Selby Lang's neighborhood portrait series
                                              with prayer flags, Tamal Road:

                                             The Garbage Can prayer flag

                                             ...and another prayer flag.

Ricard's Molecular Gardening:

This April we had another group show: 
Marty Meade and Her Friday Morning Art Groups

                                                     "No Dapl" by Marty Meade

Marty is a long-time instructor of glass art and watercolor teaching at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, College of Marin and through her studio. Marty works in glass bead making, advanced lampworked glass bead making as well as watercolor.

The large exhibit showcased her many watercolor and glass students. Featured artists include Marilee Rogers, Kelly Todd, Joan Beavin, Roberta 0'Neal, Genna Panzarella, Liz Albriton, Nina Frankel, Kelley Baer, Sue Evans, Nancy Dunbar, Camille Noble, Sally Fairfax, Jan Anderson, Janet Pigot, Marilyn O'Mara Bern, Jeri Gilbert, Karen Koenig, Leo Den Ouden, Susan Micheletti, Cathy Ramberg, Marguerite Illingworth, Miriam Jank├╝, Kathleen Schmitt-Cone and Patti Buckley and Sam Fleeger.

                 "In a Fog" Fused glass and powdered enamels by Kelley Baer

                          "West Marin Hills" fused glass by Liz Albritton 

"Titanic Night " by Camille Noble      

"Through the Forest " fused glass piece by Nancy Dunbar     

A watercolor by Sam Fleeger

Sam Fleeger also showed his remarkable sculptural pieces:

                              A very large  piece by Sam Fleeger: “A Kiss is Still a Kiss”

                                                     “Oh Yoko” by Sam Fleeger

 “Self Portrait as a Piano Key with My Other Half”

                                 Detail of  “Self Portrait as a Piano Key with My Other Half”

                                              “Love at First Sight” by Sam Fleeger