Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Larry's latest block print

Here's another recent block print by me.

It's titled "Portrait of a Henry David Thoreau-back".

It's a linoleum block print treated with an India ink wash--which is why it's numbered 1/1.  This one is sold. I exhibited in the Spring Art Show last May.

Here are a few little sketchbook roughs that led to my "Thoreauback" print.

c Rippee 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Marin County Fair Art Show

Molly and I entered the Art Show at the 73rd Marin County Fair (which concludes today).

For me the saga continues with one image: A Mazed Minotaur.

Molly and I first used this drawing as part of our art box in last year's Gallery Route One Box show.

I recycled the image as a black and white block print which I exhibited in last fall's Pressing Matters Print Show.

I titled the print A Mazed Minotaur pt.1 because I felt it was unfinished. Since then I 've been messing around with adding a color plate to the print.

 That's what I submitted to this show. I'm still not sure I'm finished with it.

"Of Mice & Men" ( otherwise known as Larry and our pet mouse Violet)

Here I am with my unfinished painting of Larry, I used a photo of him which is one of my favorites, obviously from many years ago.  I had the choice of not submitting it or rushing it in as is, sooooooo that's what I did. I am pleased with my painting of Larry but my idea of his art work pouring out of the top of his head and surrounding him has not turned out the way I envisioned. I have an idea I am hoping will pull this together for me.......  When I walked by the painting I overheard two older woman walk up to it - the first one started laughing and said "That's awful" and the second laughed and said "Weird" - Definitely shows that I'm not painting flowers and pretty landscapes says Larry!!

"Auntie Haley" by Kaden!
Our grandson Kaden submitted his lino block of his Aunt Haley and won a 1st place ribbion - the only one of  us who won anything!!