Friday, August 26, 2011

The 13th Annual Box Show at Gallery Route One

Molly and I have completed our latest offering for the Box Show at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station, California. We have collaborated on a box for this event for the past  ten years (!).
The way it works is Gallery Route One produces about 100 (this year it’s up to 150) same –sized small pine boxes which are distributed to local artists.  Artists are allowed to do anything to the box as long as the box remains in the final piece.

The way Molly and I operate is simple:
 We bring the box home.
We stare at the box for several weeks.
Just before deadline we frantically come up with an idea.
We arrive at the gallery at the last moment hoping the paint is dry.
All the boxes are offered in a silent auction until the closing day at which time the auction becomes very live and very vocal.  It’s an effective fund raiser for GRO, a non-profit, community based, artist-run organization
Here’s a brief survey of  our past Box Show projects.

Thinking Outside the Box       
Larry pencils
Molly paints

A Man’s Home is His Castle
Pencil sketch

Color rough

The pencil drawing was transferred to balsa wood and cut and painted.


A favorite of ours

Jack in the Box

 Jack Kerouac’s face is painted and glued to balsa wood.

Shredded photocopies of  Kerouac works

On the sides are illustrated scenes from various works such as On The Road, The Subterraneans ,etc.

Pandora’s Box

Larry’s pencils for Pandora’s Box—another favorite  (Unfortunately, we haven’t yet found a photo of the finished piece). The figures were all inked and painted on balsa wood.
Medicine Box

Pencil rough


A portrait of our new dog, Homer.

The Champ

Larry's pencil rough

Molly paints

The 13th Annual Box Show runs until September18th.

Check it out at: