Sunday, June 19, 2011

The San Francisco Mime Troupe

Every year, the San Geronimo Valley Community Center (where I work) hosts the debut of a new play by the San Francisco Mime Troupe.

Founded in 1959, the SF Mime Troupe has been offering political satire performed in the tradition of commedia dell’arte  for free in public parks around the country. (By the way, they do not do pantomime
a la Marcel Marceau-- they, in fact, tend to be very vocal).

Backstage: everyone, including actors, unloads the truck and construct the sets.
Warming up before the performance

The play this season is 2012: The Musical –described as a musical satire about corporate funding and the “art of mass distraction”.

Typically we get the rough draft version, sometimes the sets aren’t finished. Sometimes, as this year, the play isn’t even finished. They perform up to a point and then turn to the audience and say “That’s all we have for now”.
The performers then usually chat with members of the audience about the play—listening to critiques and suggestions.

Packing up

2012: The Musical   is indeed very funny and I’m now anxious to see the conclusion.  I’ll have to wait until at least July 2nd when it opens at Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Here's the poster by Spain Rodriguez.

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