Monday, September 12, 2011

Molly's Turn: Recent Works/ Works in Progress

I recently painted a very dear friend's cat, Rosie, who died in a most unexpected way.  One day she was fine and the next she was dead of a brain tumor.  Rosie was very young.  My friend Anna was devastated at losing her.  I felt compelled to make a remembrance of this much loved cat for Anna, I never know how to help with the pain of losing someone.


This painting below is a work in progress based on my awareness of what the diamond industries have been doing over the last couple of century's.  It seems so bizarre that people can enslave others for their own greed.  It seems to be a constant theme throughout time, but for some reason this image came to my mind. (I have had a hard time painting the diamond and am still looking at and attempting to figure out how to paint it. I think I just don't like diamonds).  

Diamond Mine
(a work in progress)

I am also working on a painting about the elephant slaughter for ivory.  It seems I have a need to respond to the injustices that I find through my painting.  A slow process for me.  I am always surprised at how ideas percolate and take time before they morph into a true painting for me.  The elephant painting is taking a year +, while the diamond painting above seems to have just popped out. --Granted I am still having trouble with the diamond.

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