Saturday, October 8, 2011

Larry and Sam go to the Alternative Press Expo

Sam and I attended the Alternative Press Expo (aka Ape) last weekend.

My son Sam
Ape is a gathering of independent, Do-It-Yourself, artist entrepreneurs and publishers  with an emphasis on alternative comics, small press, book making, printmaking and even letterpress.
It’s energizing (and occasionally overwhelming) to see so much creativity in one place. Some highpoints included (in no particular order) the work of Tom Neely, Kate Beaton, Joey Sayers, Adrian Tomine, Jennifer Tong, Eric Drooker, Louie del Carmen, Octavio Rodriguez, Matt Bors, C.S.Pego, Rick Geary and Mike Dubisch.
Here’s a quick visual tour:

Josh Ellingson
One of Ellingson's prints was "exhibited" on the International Space Station
which makes him one of a very rare class of extraterrestrial artists.

Jen Tong card

I purchased this knockout silkscreen print by Tong

Remarkable Beardsleyesque artwork by C.S.Pego

More work by Pego
 C.S.Pego is from Mexico City. I picked up a copy of her Madame Mactans.
She also premiered her new book, Exila, at Ape.

Below are a couple of images from the mucho talented Tom Neely's Doppelganger.

Papercutter #16 features brillant storytelling by Joey Allison Sayers

Sam and I checked in on some of the panel talks.

Business cards from some of the artists

Hours and hours of visual stimulation gets wearing.

Too much Ape

Above artwork copyright by respective artists

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