Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dava Sheridan and Dave Sheridan

This month at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center I’m exhibiting photography by Dava Sheridan.

Dava Sheridan and her current exhibit Paris Reflections
I’ve known Dava for a few years now (she organized a great art show for us at the Center for our Summer of Love Festival featuring the work of Stanley Mouse, Mot, Gilbert Sheridan, Sam Andrew, her own work and that of her late husband Dave Sheridan). 

Artwork in the background by Dave Sheridan, Mot, Dava and Mouse

However, even though I’ve only got to know Dava in recent years, we have an association that goes back to the 1970’s by way of Dave Sheridan.
Back in my cartooning days I worked for a while in the art department of Rip Off Press in San Francisco. Dave Sheridan would come in about once a week and work on the Freak Brothers.
Dave was a hyper-talented cartoonist who aside from lending a hand on the Freak Bros. was responsible for underground titles such as Mother’s Oats Comix, Meef, Tales from the Leather Nun and he contributed to Slow Death, Hydrogen Bomb Funnies, Skull Comix and many other titles.

Dave Sheridan from Skull Comix #1
I recall that Sheridan drove in to Rip Off about once a week from someplace in Marin County called Fairfax. At the time I couldn’t place it and couldn’t fathom why he would bother to live so far away (During the days of underground comics San Francisco seemed the center of the universe—why would a cartoonist live elsewhere ?)

Sheridan from Mother's Oats #1

Despite my acquaintanceship with Dave I don’t recall ever meeting Dava back then.  
Now—a few decades down the line-- Fairfax is my home town and I ‘m exhibiting Dava.

Dava photo courtesy Michel Kotski

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