Wednesday, April 11, 2012

40 Years of Students with Richard Shaw

On Thursday, April 5th, we attended 40+ Years of Students (aka Richard Shaw’s retirement party).
Aside from an international reputation as a ceramicist, Richard has also taught ceramics -first at the San Francisco Art Institute -and for the last 20-some-odd years at U.C. Berkeley.

Group photos of Richard's students

The party and exhibit was held at the Worth Ryder Art Gallery at UC Berkeley Kroeber Hall.
The exhibit included work by many of Richard’s former students.

Bust of Shaw

Regrettably, I couldn’t find the artist’s name associated with this bust of Richard.

Portrait by Elise Putnam

This piece was a knockout. A portrait of Richard painted with clay directly onto the gallery wall. The bucket of clay sat on the floor just below.

An old friend of Richard’s, Roy, brought a box of memorabilia from past Shaw exhibits and spread them on the floor.

Virgil, Martha, Alice and Richard

Music was provided by our usual Thursday night crew.
Tony, John, Judy, Tom and Molly (others not seen here include Jeanne, Oletha, Scott, Ned, Jenny, Torin and Patty).

Someone provided Richard “Two Buck Rick” Shaw wine.

Reception was very well attended although I failed to get any crowd shots.
The show runs April 5th through 28th.

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