Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Art by Patrick Maloney

This month's exhibit at the Maurice del Mue Galleries of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center is a group show titled Celebrating Color 8 Different Ways.  I’m  highligthing just one of those exhibited artists here for now-- Patrick Maloney.

Below is his remarkable work.

Adam and Her
Mother in Her Garden
A Gathering of Angels
A few drawings done by Maloney in Bic pen:

World in Her Hands


Squiggle Head

As a painter, Patrick Maloney has exhibited widely.  He’s worked in the past in graphics, advertising art and animation (such as John Korty's feature length animated film Twice Upon a Time).
He currently teaches art courses at San Quentin State Prison.

The exhibit also features fine artists Barbara Hazard, Jackie Kirk, Art Holman, Joan Thornton, Kay Carlson, Ayumi Kie Weissbuch and Connie Smith Siegel and runs through March 29th.

You can learn more about the exhibit at:

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