Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Comic Art from Turkey

As promised here are a few more examples of humor papers from Turkey.

1983 edition
Here's a brief glimpse at an older publication--Gir Gir.  Gir Gir was an enormously popular publication back in the 1970's and '80', selling allegedly a million copies a week ! All of the work below is from the 1980's.

1986 edition

Gir Gir was the creation of cartoonist Oguz Aral apparently regarded as the granddaddy of Turkish comics. He influenced, taught and mentored many Turkish cartoonists in his time.

Oguz Aral had a lively zany style reminiscent of Mad magazine's Sergio Arragones.

Here's an example of one of his most popular features Avini the Gullible.

Gir Gir was banned around 1980 during a military coup. I showed a current edition of Gir Gir in the previous post on Turkish comics. That reincarnation began in 2008 and isn't considered the classic Gir Gir.

Here are a few clips from Gir Gir (crca 1983-86):

Cartoonist Behic Pek

I like Behic Pek's unrestrained style. He was a student of Oguz Aral.

Cartoonist Ufuk Uyanik

Ufuk Uyanik is creator of a comic book popular all over Europe--Viagraman.


A portion of a nicely drawn comic story, Kabus, by Kaan Ertem.

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