Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Molly's Turn! Larry has been encouraging me to post photos of the on-going art class I hold in my studio.

When I start with new students I always ask them to become familiar with both the canvas, different size paint brushes and paint, before we attempt a full on painting.  Here are three students and the beginning to almost done process for them! We had such fun!!


Here is Kate Parun's first time playing with paint and canvas.
Blocking-in painting
Getting the paint on -lights and darks
Learning to blend

Kate at work on portrait of her Aunt
WOW!! Almost done!  BEAUTIFUL

Kate with her painting

Kate as her painting!


Here is Liz Campana's blocking-in of her portrait of her daughter

Getting the paint on


And refining

Here  Liz is working on the hands

WOW!! Almost done. BEAUTIFUL!!

Liz with her painting of her daughter Sophia

This is Scott Barrett's blocking-in of a photo which inspired him.
Getting the paint on



WOW!! Almost done. BEAUTIFUL!!

Scott working on blending and shading

Scott with his almost done painting

Three wonderful students!!!
I have so much fun working with these guys!

And look who decided to join our class!
Larry's and my grandson, Kaden.

Kaden taking good care of his brush.

Class is "on" in my studio

Scott Barrett, Molly Rea, Kate Parun, Liz Campana
I feel so lucky to be able to teach Beginning Acrylic Painting here in my studio. On February 27th, I will also be teaching a class from 10:30 to 12:30 on Thursday mornings at Rileystreet Art Supply on 4th street in San Rafael. They have a great space to teach in a warm environment with a much larger space than my studio. I will continue to teach here at my studio but its nice to have a second venue.  Please pass the word to anyone you might know that would like to join us.

Check out: http://www.rileystreet.com/classes.html

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