Friday, February 7, 2014

Endangered California and the Keystone XL Pipeline: The Stencil Art of Xander Weaver-Scull

Green Sea Turtle
This month's featured exhibit in the Maurice Del Mue Galleries at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center is Endangered California and the Keystone XL Pipeline: The Stencil Art of Xander Weaver-Scull.

Xander Weaver-Scull describes himself as a social/environmental/climate justice awareness artist. 

He produces monoprints made from freehand drawn and cut acetate stencils.

Short Tailed Albatross
Here's one of his stencils

The majority of Xander's recent work depicts a range of endangered and threatened California species including endangered animals that would be directly impacted by the Keystone XL Pipeline. 
Much of his most recent work is done in collaboration with the center for Biodiversity.

Here are a few of the prints from the show:

Whooping Crane
Arctic Peregrine Falcon
(note that this one's a cut out)
Xander graduated from Hampshire College in 2012.  His thesis was entitled “How to Use Art for Environmental and Social Justice Messaging”.  

Lake Erie Watersnake
Coho Salmon
Mojave Desert Tortoise
(this is one of my favorites)
Another cool cut out: The Red Kangaroo
Xander Weaver-Scull exhibited in the 4th Annual Pressing Matters IV: Printmakers Group Show at The Maurice Del Mue Galleries. He also has shown his work at The Fairfix Cafe and the Arches Student Print Exhibition, juried by The Boston Printmakers at Danforth Museum . Xander was a co-winner of Eco-Logical ART’s “Gimme Shelter Art” juried competition in San Francisco.

California Condor
The art reception is at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center this Sunday, February 9th, from 4 to 7 pm.   The exhibit runs until February 28th.

Artwork copyright by Xander Weaver-Scull

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  1. I love these images and the concept they portray. Locally attuned and sensitive art.