Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Marcus Uzilevsky 1937-2015

Another passing. Marcus Uzilevsky (aka Rusty Evans) was a remarkable figure.

He was a musician as and visual artist and had a fair degree of success in both endeavors.

As a successful artist he sold a great many (around a half-million) of his "linear landscapes" through galleries; as Rusty Evans he's listed in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Marcus graduated from the New York School of Art and Design. As a musician he cut his first Rusty Evans singles around 1958. In the early '60's he wound up in Greenwich Village playing in clubs with the likes of Bob Dylan. Later he joined the folk group The New Christy Minstrels and recorded solo on the Folkways label.

Still later he went proto-psychedelic. Or so I'm told.  I only became acquainted with his work years later. I knew new him musically in latter years by way of his Johnny Cash-inspired band Ring of Fire (and his hyper-talented son, Danny Uzilevsky).

"Defectors" an affiche art by Marcus Uzivelsky

As an artist in the community, he participated in a number of art exhibits I put together through the San Geronimo Valley Community Center and we hosted a solo show by him.

Michel Kotski put together this nice video tribute to Marcus.  Thanks Michel.

"Defectors" copyright by Marcus Uzilevsky

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