Wednesday, May 20, 2015

25th annual Spring Art Show Wrap Up

The 25th annual Spring Art Show has come and gone. It's always a wild and wooly roller coaster ride for Molly and I.  Here are a few shots from the show.

Elan Kamesar


Jack Kamesar with steel sculpture

Jan Jahnke with monotype

Chris Ducey with "YRUU?"

Devin Wilson and his video art

Alexandra Adu and collage

Victor Stangenberg and sculpture

Tobias Berardi

Linocut by Fred Berensmeier

Xander Weaver-Scull's innovative approach to stencil prints

Lovely pastel work by Jeanne Carlson

Para O'Siochain with his goats

Ed Healy

"Sleeper" by Sophie Larsen

Elaine Nehm with monotype

Sierra Salin 

Brittany Eaton

Leonard Leinow

Lela Shields

Gaetano DeFelice

Tom Tabakin with encaustic

Song Feng Liu

"Surrender" by Eileen Puppo

"Ravens in the Moonlight" by  Brian Frank Carter

"The Ink Wells at Samuel P.Taylor State Park" by Matt Tasley

Harry Cohen's classic abstract expressionist approach

Donn DeAngelo taking Harry Cohen's picture (Photo by M.Kotski)

Harry Cohen by Donn DeAngelo

Donn DeAngelo

Michel Kotski

Geoff Bernstein

The Valley Room: free standing pieces

Molly's portrait of Richard Shaw

Molly with "Banjo Shaw"

Rouge Dezza and Fearless Leader

The reception warming up

The Thursday Night crew

This is just a small sampling of the artists and their works from the show (There were 90+ artists participating)

Artist portrait shots courtesy of Donn DeAngelo.

Other photos courtesy of Michel Kotski

Photos copyright by respective photographers

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