Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June exhibit: Art from the Canal Welcome Center at the Maurice Del Mue Galleries

by Ernesto Hernandez Olmos
This month at the Maurice Del Galleries of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center we feature murals and paintings from the Canal Welcome Center.  This exhibit, and the adjacent show, The Latino Photo Project, are on display for the month of June.

                                by Maricela Mora (courtesy of Latino Photo Project and the artist)

We aligned the art shows to run during our annual outdoor Latino Arts Festival (formerly known as the Mexican Arts Festival). The Latino Arts Festival featured music, regional dances and a lot of good Mexican food.
We displayed the above 20+ foot mural--created by lead artist Ernesto Hernandez Olmos and at least a dozen other artists from the Canal Welcome Center --over the main stage during the event.

These paintings below, on exhibit in the gallery space, were painted by Ernesto Hernandez Olmos with the assistance of the Canal artists.

Many thanks to Douglas Mundo of the Canal Welcome Center.

For more information on the latino Photo Project see  http://galleryrouteone.org/latino-photo-project/

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