Saturday, August 15, 2015

More from the 17th Annual Box Show

Our grandson mugging next to our entry in the Box Show
In the last couple of weeks we've posted a few features on the current Box Show at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station.  The show is in its 17th year and--aside from being a lot of fun--serves as a great fundraiser for the gallery.

Each artist is given an unadorned pine box. You can pretty much do anything to it as long as elements of the original the box remains in the piece (people have taken them apart, burned them, shredded them and so on; this year printmaker Xander Weaver-Scull burned the box and used the ashes to make ink. Then made a print using the ink).

There are over 100 particpating artists. Here  are a few highlights from the show.

I like this one--"The Fall"--by Kathy Callaway and Sean Sullivan

"Portrait of Alan Ginsberg" by Simon Jeremiah

"Book Box" by Eric Jackson

"The Gatherers" by Linda Petri

"Sea Goddess" by Jan Etre

Denise Bondy

"Caution" by Ellen Gray

"Bee Box" by Cindy Davis and Todd Pickering

"Capture the Imagination" by Leslie Scott

"Thirst" by Joan Thornton

" S.S. Resolute" by Inez Storer

"Rainbow Judgement" by William van Thillo

Lesley Gray and Norma McFadden

"Sparky's Little Setback" by Marre Wong

"A Moveable Feast" by Barry Chukerman

                  This is just a small portion of Peter Perez's remarkable
      "You Must Come Up and See the Rest of the Etchings Sometime"

Paul LaPorte


                                                   Loretta Farley

Mesa Broek

Donna McKee

"Alchemical Tableau"by Zea Morvitz and Tim Graveson

A great one by Todd Fellows

                               The Box Show continues until September 13th.

Check out the Box Show "Trailers":

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