Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Postscript III: Last day of the International Day of Peace Art Show

The group art exhibit--What Does Peace Look like?--ends today.  As I mentioned in previous posts, for a variety of reasons, this was a challenging show to organize. It ran through the month of September at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center galleries and in conjunction with our festival during the International Day of Peace.

Here are a few remaining highlights.

A young man named Alejandro Lopez created this mask, How the Outsider Feels on the Inside as part of a high school project.

(Click to enlarge)

                                                   The inside of the mask

Here's a close up of some of the poems and images

And a few other pieces:

                                 (Peace wish tree inspired by Yoko Ono)

                                    "Compassion" by Justine Tot Tatarsky
                                   ( Low fire glazes on terra-cotta tiles)

Here's the complete tale, The Moon Looked Down, by Helen Webber

Artists who participated inthe show were: Alexandra Adu, Jeffrey Beauchamp, Veronica Buros Kleinberg, Donn DeAngelo, Gaetano De Felice, Art Holman (1926-2015), Michel Kotski, Laura Kadjan Cronin, Dahlia Kamesar, Richard & Judith Selby Lang, Alejandro Lopez, Anne McClain, Sam Parry, Molly Rea, Larry Rippee, Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli, Helen Strang, Tot Tatarsky, Jean-A Warner and Helen Webber. 

For special assistance my thanks to:
Helen Webber and Artists for Peace, Douglas Mundo & the Canal Welcome Center, Alejandro Lopez & the students and teachers of San Rafael High School, Insight Out/ Prison Yoga Project, Shannon, Peter Groat, Sam Parry, O'Donnells Fairfax Nursery, Ted Wright, and of course, Molly Rea.

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