Saturday, April 2, 2016

Last Gasp 46th Anniversary art show

Last night, Molly and I (with Jaime Crespo in tow) attended the opening at the 111 Minna Gallery of the Last Gasp 46th Anniversary art exhibit.

The show featured the “original works by select artists who have long since been supported, published or admired by San Francisco’s revered local publishing house”.

Last Gasp publisher Ron Turner was there of course along with a number of artists and colleagues from the Underground days

Participating Artists Include  John Law, Mitch O’connell,  Robins, Justin Green, Mike Davis, Isabel Samaras, Jennybird Alcantara, Gary Baseman, Elizabeth Mcgrath, Ransom & Mitchell, Rob Reger, Bo Heimlich, Junko Mizuno,  Randy Dodson, Jay Howell, Winston Smith, Skinner, Sam Flores, Kevin Earl Taylor, Mark Bode and Janelle Hessig.

Here are a few pieces from the show:

This painting by Mike Davis knocked me out

                                                       Rob Reger

The extremely talented (and still under acknowledged) Hal Robbins

                                               Kevin Earl Taylor

For those unaware of Last Gasp here's a little background:

"Ron Turner founded Last Gasp in 1970. Their first publication, Slow Death Funnies #1, came out on the first Earth Day, April 15, 1970. Subsequent comics included the all-women's comic It Ain't Me Babe and Skull Comics. Turner's enthusiasm for underground comics--in particular their autobiographical aspect--has been the driving force behind many groundbreaking publications. Last Gasp published Justin Green's highly acclaimed confessional Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary in 1972, a book that became an inspiration to many artists now working in the autobiographical style. "Art Spiegelman, who won the only Pulitzer Prize for cartooning, has said he would never have started to do the autobiographical story of his family (in the graphic novel Maus) unless Justin had done it first. And Robert Crumb said the same thing," said Turner."

Exhibition Dates for the  Last Gasp 46th Anniversary show are April 1 – April 30, 2016

111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna St.
San Francisco

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