Sunday, May 22, 2016

26th Annual Spring Art Show Part 3

We've wrapped up out big annual show at the Maurice Del Mue galleries, San Geronimo Valley Community Center. Someone described it as the family reunion for the artists of the Valley.
(That may be apt, since many of the local artists are often ensconced in the their studios and rarely see each other).

Here's a few more shots:

Sierra Salin

Chris Ducey with his "Equestristick"

Veronica Buros Kleinberg

Jack Kamesar
            (Photo: Michel Kotski)

Brady Wedman and Jeremiah Jensen collaborated on "Home of the Brave"

 Gaetano DeFelice's digital piece "St. Sebastin"

Julia Weaver's "Deep Dive/Ascending"

Tara Nejma-Maus'  "Moonlight Flight"

Elly Simmon's  "Temperature Rising"

Danielle Fogel's  mixed media piece "Tender"

Chuck Wiley's "Crazy Horse and the Commodore"

Laura Kradjan-Cronin's acrylic on wood panel, "Retro Mellow Marshall"

 Dan Breaux's "Post Industrial Flywheel"

 Zachary Gilmour's  fine monotype

This photo doesn't do justice to Elaine Penwell's masterful intricate and delicate hand cut paper piece titled "Menagerie"

Amos Klausner's fun letterpress piece "List Serv#1"

Anne McClain's "I Fell in Love with the Elephants"

I'm still leaving out a bunch of artists from the show. (My apologies I don't have good shots of everything).

There was also a great deal of socializing

Alexandra Adu and Kirk Mcnaught

and Music...

Reception shots courtesy of Michel Kotski
Portrait shots courtesy of Donn DeAngelo

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