Monday, February 6, 2017

Quick sketches by Virginia Irvin

Molly’s mother, Virginia Irvin, was an inveterate sketcher. 

For most of her life, it would have been rare to see her without a sketchbook. She had worked at one time as a freelance illustrator and did stints as a newspaper artist for the Oregon Journal, Seattle Times and the San Francisco Examiner.

Recently while engaging in some pre-Spring cleaning (why wait?) we chanced upon a set of 3 x 5 index cards held together with a rubber band.  

The cards are all quick sketches obviously done at a concert. (Virginia was often called upon to sketch concerts and events for the newspapers as a visual reporter). Some knowledge of her personal history suggests to me that these are drawing of folk singer Burl Ives.

There's no way I know of confirming that assertion but, in any case, they are a good example of her masterful skill. 

These sketches were undoubtedly done very quickly, in the dark, during a live performance. The figure (Ives or otherwise) did not pose for her.

Molly estimates that these were done in the late 1940's

Molly spoke with brother Jamie who says these were done for the Oregon Journal, he remembers going to the back of the stage with his Mom where they sat quietly as Burl Ives sang on stage. He also remembers Burl Ives asking Mom out for a drink!
If Virginia were still with us she would be 100 this year.

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