Friday, May 19, 2017

The 27th Annual Spring Art Show

Jeffrey Beauchamp

I organize exhibits in the Maurice Del Mue galleries of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center every month but the big enchilada of the year is always the annual Spring Art Show--a valley tradition.

We feature up to 100 Valley artists in the show.  Here are a few shots from this May's show (My apologies to all artists not represented here--we didn't get good shots of everyone).  Artists photos courtesy of Donn DeAngelo

Louis Nuyens

Tom Tabakin

 Jack Kamesar

Elly Simmons

 Chris Ducey

 John Torrey

Cathy Baker

Karl Lichtenstein

 Eric Jackson

 Harry Cohen

Deanna Pedroli

Amos Klausner

Travis Meinolf

 Liz Lauter

Danielle Fogel

William Binzen

Griffe Griffiths

Lanee Lowell

 Rudi Dundas

Sam Fleeger

Anne Pennypacker

 Carol Gahagan

 Xander Weaver-Scull

 Geoff Bernstein

Gaetano DeFelice

 Sheri Arnason

Cornelia Nevitt

Para O'Siochain

Laura Kradjan-Cronin

Peter Strindberg

Victor Stanenberg

Brian Frank Carter

Michel Kotski

Veronica Buros Kleinberg
Fred L. Berensmeier

Donn DeAngelo

And fearless leader...

This year's show was dedicated to the memory of Chuck W. Wiley who died in February
(see our post in the archives for February 28th for more about Chuck).

Chuck Wiley

 Molly Rea and her portrait of Chuck Wiley

And the reception:

Additional photos courtesy of Michel Kotski

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