Saturday, December 9, 2017

My Print: Banjo at Armageddon

The last two posts feature highlights from Pressing Matters VIII: Printmakers Group Show held at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center.  I made a new piece for the show titled Banjo at Armageddon. Here's a visual record of the making of the print.

First  I did a  sketchbook drawing

and reversed it....

                         I transferred this with carbon paper to a block.

                          I often re ink the image on the block.

           Next I used block printing carving tools and begin slowly cutting...

A closer look...

                             A completed block

Finished block compared to original sketchbook drawing

The on to printing. I inked the block and printed it by hand.

In this case, I decided to add a gray wash by hand.

This is the piece I put in the show.

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