Sunday, March 11, 2018

Larry's Vault: More Guy Colwell

After seeing Guy Colwell's fine exhibit at 111 Minna Gallery (and posting the previous post) I started thinking about what's in the archives here.

I've ferreted out a few items of interest of times gone by. Here goes:

                                                       Guy Colwell 1976

Here's a clipping of an illustration he did for City magazine circa 1976

                    A beautifully done woodcut by Guy. I've had this since 1977

Berkeley Comic Art Fair 1977

An incomplete piece circa 1979

I got this piece from Guy from the above exhibit at the old Meatmarket Coffeehouse in SF, 1984

In 1981 Leonard Rifas organized this exhibit of food related cartoons at the Farm Gallery. Many of the comics had previously  appeared in Leonard's comic book Food Comics

Here's Guy's bio from the catalog:

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