Sunday, June 3, 2018

Jack Kamesar RIP

Jack, at May 11th Spring Art Show reception
photo courtesy of Donn DeAngelo

Just two days after the Spring Art Show concluded Jack Kamesar passed. He was 90 years old.

Jack was an artist of considerable integrity and a key figure on the Spring Art Show committee for nearly two decades.

To push ink or paint pigment around on paper or canvas is one thing. 

But Jack was a sculptor.

I’ve always wondered what temperament one would have to have to decide to move steel around, to bend steel…

Jack Kamesar had that force of will and it’s something I was aware of in working with him on the  Spring Art Show. A persistence to make things right.  

He was gentle and passionate and thoroughly dedicated to ensuring that the Spring Art show was as  good as possible.

As a friend and as a creative force I will miss him very much.

Jack with an atypically small sculpture

This piece formerly resided at the Surf  Theater in San Francisco 

Jack Kamesar studied fine art and architecture at UC Berkeley and later lived in Italy for two years where he worked in sculpture studios and bronze foundries. He also conducted months long anatomical studies--including dissecting a cadaver--at UCSF.

Here are a few of his drawings from that period. These were exhibited in his retrospective show at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center in March of 2014 (See this blog's archives for more).

Here are a few more sketches by Jack from the same exhibit

Sketches from Settignano, Italy

Jack exhibited at the SF MOMA, De Young Museum, Spoleto International Arts Festival in Italy,Honolulu Civic Center, Arleigh Gallery, Vorpal Gallery and of course the San Geronimo Valley Community Center.

Here's a clipping from Jack's website:

Hanging the Spring Art Show in the Maurice Del Mue galleries of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center was always serious business as evidenced by these serious individuals.

Donn DeAngelo, Molly Rea, Jack and Leonard Leniow

Jack and I at an exhibit of his son Elan's work

Dahlia Kamesar and Jack

Michel Kotski created a video tribute to Jack which you can see here:


Thanks again to Donn DeAngelo and Michel Kotski for most of these photos

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