Friday, July 22, 2011

Larry's Cartoon Vault: David Rand's Cartoonists' Exchange Course in Cartooning

David Rand

In earlier installments of the Cartoon Vault I’ve covered the vogue of cartooning correspondence courses of the first half of the 20th century such as the Landon School of Illustration and Cartooning (see our February archives for more posts).
This time I’m highlighting David Rand’s Cartoonists' Exchange Course.

The Cartoonists' Exchange of Pleasant Hill, Ohio was the Cadillac of cartoon correspondence courses. Rand’s course offered seven books covering 34 lessons along with arts supplies, paper and a drawing board.

Cartoonists' Exchange was also home of the “marionette method” of cartooning and a few patented teaching aids never seen before (or since):  The Position Finder, The Comic Character Creator and the Laugh Finder.

Here are some sample lessons:

Hey kids!  Let's all draw Hitler and Stalin!

The “Marionette Method” was a big part of the curriculum.

Plus an incredible selection of cool stuff:

The Comic Character Creator

The Laugh Finder

Dan A. Runyan-creator of the Laugh Finder

The "Art-Full" Wonder Box

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  1. My grand mother took this course in 1947. She gave it to me in the late 70's.

  2. Excellent blog! I like the old-school-way cartoons. Is there a chance to get a copy of the Cartoonists' Exchange Cartooning Course? My email is: