Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pressing Matters: the 2nd Annual Printmakers Group Show

Lithograph by Elan Kamesar

This July I organized Pressing Matters: the 2nd Annual Printmakers Group Show. It's a group show highlighting local printmakers featuring etchings, woodcuts, serigraphs, monotypes, linocuts, and lithographs.
This year’s featured artists include Al Ardelle, Bea Benjamin, Fred L. Berensmeier, Geoff  Bernstein, Scott Gibbons, Lawrence Gilmour, Zach Gilmour, Jenny Hunter Groat, Daryl Grossman, Art Holman, Elan Kamesar, Lanee Lowell, Barbara Morris, Steve Parun, Gabriele Schwibach, Janice Van Hoy Scott, Susan Shannon, Jean-A Warner and me.
Here are a few highlights from the exhibit:

Bea Benjamin, Zach Gilmour and Larry Gilmour at the reception.

"Strolling Ostrich Echoing Ancestors" an etching by Fred L. Berensmeier

Fred Berensmeier chatting with Gaetano DeFelice.

"Desert Storm Stigmata" a serigraph by Fred L. Berensmeier

Goeff Bernstein, Barbara Morris and Jean-A Warner.

"Leadbelly" a serigraph on hand made paper by Geoff Bernstein

"Yank" linocut from my Blues Dudes series.

"Yank, Spoon, Berry"  (That’s Yank Rachell, Jimmy Witherspoon and Richard " Louie Louie” Berry).

Janice Van Hoy Scott and Jack Kamesar.

"Mountain Village" a color block print by Janice Van Hoy Scott.

Daryl Grossman's powerful aquatint etching  "Dance of Death-Bergen-Belson" 

by Susan Shannon

Here’s an example of a cut linoleum block  by Susan Shannon.

The exhibit runs through July in the Maurice Del Mue Galleries at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center. --Larry


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