Friday, June 8, 2012

Spring Art Show Wrap Up

The 22nd annual Spring Art Show is history.
Here are a few residual images from the exhibit:

Hanging an art show is serious business.
Donn, Molly, Jack and Leonard

Jack and Donn confer on aesthetics.

A few more shots of the Show:

The Valley Room

Work by Sam Andrew and Brian Staley

Eileen Puppo

Chris Ducey
The 'Abstract Wall' -West Room 

West Room

The print corner—my block print and Bea Benjamin’s fine etching.

End of show eclipsed by an eclipse:
The last Sunday of the show-when everyone came to retrieve their artwork- was the day of the solar eclipse. Artists gathered outside. Michel Kotski brought a filtered telescope for viewing and sculptor Jack Kamesar brought his welding masks. The entire Community Center parking lot was littered with crescent moons everywhere.

(Check out the crescent shadows created by the eclipse on the wall in the photo below)

(Photo by Donn DeAngelo)

Nice way to end an event.

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  1. ..."and Jean-A's ceramic piece..." (w/yr & bea's prints). Larry's portrait was taken May 20, 2012, Eclipse Day. I took lots all over our property that day; how I know. Love your blog, such an interesting slice of local life.