Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Larry's Cartoon Vault: The Three Stooges

Recently I saw the new Three Stooges movie with my grandson. The Stooges were new to him to be sure but like most of my generation I grew up on The Stooges. Stunning to think of the daily dose of Stoogedom available on daytime TV in my youth --none of which Moe, Larry or Curly were ever paid for (not to mention Shemp Howard, Joe Besser or Curly Joe).
A couple of days ago I stumbled across the above illustration of The Stooges that I drew back in 1979 when I was freelancing cartoons.
The drawing was for some forgotten project—a Three Stooges book or magazine—I forget which.
I forget who was putting it together. All I remember is that it didn’t happen.  The project, like so many projects, died an early death.
The drawing was later published elsewhere—probably in conjunction which a magazine article. ( I no longer have a copy of that magazine either).

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