Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roadworks at the Center for the Book

We attended the 9th Annual Roadworks: A Steamroller Printing Festival in San Francisco this last weekend.

Printmakers cut large -3 foot square- block prints which are pressed by a three ton steamroller. It's a fundraiser for the Center for the Book and takes place on the street just outside the Center.

Featured printmakers this year included Rik Olsen, Favianna Rodriguez, Mike Kimball, Caitlin Mattisson, and Anna Branning.

Here's the process:

This block was cut by Rik Olsen

Setting it up for printing

Pulling the print

Hanging the prints inside the Center

Prints by Rik Olsen and Favianna Rodriguez

In addition there was an exhibit of Rik Olsen's work at the Center for the Book.


 A handful of printmakers were selling there works at the event as well.

These two are by Paulina Suarez:

Pan Dulce

Grito de Guerra

For more information check out: SFCB.Org

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