Monday, September 30, 2013

Hanging the Pressing Matters Printmakers show

Today we began the hanging of the 4th Annual Pressing Matters Printmakers Group Show at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center.

I've been stowing the work in my office as it's come in:

Molly came by today to help me hang.  There's over 20 printmakers and around 50+ pieces to be exhibited in two rooms.

 Here's what we're up against.

Several hours later we  had a "rough draft" of the exhibit up.
There will undoubtedly be some changes and probably be a lot of fine tuning in the next couple of days.

(Got to get that wall fixed)

Artists include Al Ardele, Fred Berensmeier, Geoff Bernstein, Martha Cederstrom, Danielle Fogel, Henry Frank, Zachary Gilmour, Lawrence Gilmour, Ronnie Goodman, Art Hazelwood, Johanna Herrera, Karl O. Lichtenstein, Barbara Morris, Kayta McCulloch, Steve Parun, Jancie Van Hoy Scott, Gabrile Schwibach, Tan Minh Tran, Xander Weaver-Scull and Zolton (also Larry and Molly).

As a special feature there will also be a print by the Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca (ASARO) courtesy ofKevin Meade.

More to come.

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