Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homestretch for the Pressing Matters Printmakers Show

This version of the flyer created by Zoltron

The Pressing Matters reception and event last Saturday started out with a bang--quite literally.

Just as things got rolling, a transformer on a power pole outside the San Geronimo Valley Community Center blew up in grand Hollywood pyrotechnic fashion. Which started an immediate grassfire with a downed power line. The fire department was called.

Instead of greeting visitors, I found myself along the roadside with a fire extinguisher .

The fire department and sheriff closed the road. Traffic was blocked and the only people who could get in had to park and walk down Sir Francis Drake Highway.

The Center lost its electricity so my track lights in the gallery were out as well as my video presentation of 500 Years of Printmaking. We staggered on.

I’m indebted to printmaker Zachary Gilmour for setting up his press and conducting a day long presentation. 

Zach demonstrates how to make a monotype.
Photo courtesy of Larry Gilmour
I was sufficiently distracted by events to fail to remember to take pictures.  I got a few offhand snap shots. 

Here they are:

(Barbara Morris in back)
Here's one of Zach's monotypes.

Xander Weaver-Scull showed his process for stencil work.

(Xander on the right)
Here's the stencil
A stencil print
A few of his prints

One of his lithographs

Fred Lee Berensmeier (in vermillion shirt with blue vest below) shows his collograph work.

Here's the collograph plate

(I seem to only to have photographed Fred from behind)

Outside, Danielle Fogel (not pictured unfortunately) had a table making simple scratch foam prints (Hey, there’s Fred).

Bea Benjamin's table below (no picture of Bea either, unfortunately)
Bea is another fine printmaker.

I did get a shot of  Larry Gilmour, Steve Parun and Molly.

And Larry G. provided this shot of Molly and Steve.

and Zach and me.

There’s over 50 pieces in the show so I haven’t managed to show them all (see blog posts for Sept. 30th, Oct. 5th, Oct 6th and 8th for more related images).

Here’ a couple more from the San Quentin printmaking workshop:

A silkscreen by Tan Minh Tran

A linocut by Henry Frank 

The show ends on the 30th

A special thanks to Zachary Gilmour, Danielle Fogel, Gabriele Schwibach, Larry Gilmour, Susan Shannon, Katya McCulloch and of course Molly.

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