Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Larry’s Chamber of Chills (aka Larry’s Vault of Forgotten and Neglected Artwork)

For Halloween I’ve dragged out some random drawings done over a span of years for a variety of projects.

I did these horror caricatures way back in 1976 for a long forgotten movie buff magazine.
Max Schreck from Nosferatu, Lon Chaney Sr. from silent movie classic London After Midnight and Bela Lugosi.

Peter Lorre
By the time I completed the assignment the magazine was already out of business.These caricatures were never published (and I never got paid). The joys of freelancing.

I did this skeleton mask some time in the late 70’s for a Halloween cartoonist’s party. (I got some photos somewhere of people wearing it at a Gahan Wilson art opening  held on Halloween).

This is a large  paper  cut out for a school spook house back in the brief and torrid years when I was teaching kids.

The hunchback drawing is from a 1980 sketchbook.

A few more skeletoons. In this case linoblock prints done circa early 1980's

And this sketchbook drawing done a few months ago.

The Nightmare --drawn in white ink on black (1978)

                                                 Happy Halloween !

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