Friday, April 24, 2015

Molly's Turn: A Look at Several of My Student's Work

I teach a class in acrylic painting at Riley Street Art Supply. I've been wanting to showcase several of my student's work for a while. Here are two of them:

Here's Harry with his first animal portrait

And a close up, isn't he great!!

Next up a friends dog, Harry is becoming very prolific.

And a close up. Harry is already starting on his 3rd dog!

Here is Cristin's grandaughter,
it has been quite an experience watching
Cristin learn to paint a portrait.

Here is the photo from which Cristin is working. I hope to post a completed painting soon.

Teaching is a delight to me. I love working with students and watching them grow as their understanding of acrylic paint and what it can do develops. I have created a syllabus that gives my students an overview of what acrylic paint can do and how to apply traditional painting skills with this medium. Once they have read this syllabus and start to apply what they are learning to canvas it is amazing to see how far they can go in such a short time.  It is wonderful to see the beginning of my students work and then their end product. 

I absolutely love it when I watch another person get the concept of how to manipulate paint and use it. It's a wonderful experience to share.

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