Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Work of Zhaohui Liu and Song Feng Liu

This week ends the exhibit of two remarkable sibling artists: Zhaohui Liu and Song Feng Liu. I’ve felt very honored to have their work available to show at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center this April.

                                             Zhaohui on the left Song Feng on the right. I’m the one in the middle.

 As a parting shot here are a few more photos of their work.

 Here’s Zhaohui’s very traditional approach based in European traditions:

We've shown this one before but it's so large that it's difficult to get a photo that accurately conveys it's color and scale. This one's closer.

And here are just a few more of Song Feng’s delightful, slightly askew takes on Chinese art traditions.

(Translation: Swatting at mosquitos in the middle of the night, no where to be found)

The One Who Captures Evil
(Translation: Where evil unfolds even in broad daylight,
such ominous ghosts are bound
anger boiling over such sinister things, 
with a knife, he shall now go after the ghosts,
relief had fallen upon the common folk)

(Translation: Atop a monk, begins the birth of fleas,
struggling to satisfy the itch,
clothes come undone,
undertaking the task at hand)

                                           At the reception artists Harry Cohen and Geoff Bernstein

Song Feng and Zhaohui meet Peter Groat

                                                                     The Liu family

For more information  about these artists and images of their work check out the April 7th posting on this blog.

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